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Press Release: CBK Organizes Workshop for Ministry of Justice Accounting Experts

24.04.19 The Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK), His Excellency Dr. Mohammad Y. Al-Hashel, announced that CBK had concluded a workshop for Accounting Experts from the Ministry of Justice “General Directorate of Experts”, held 16-24 April, 2019 on the topic of CBK policies, regulations, and instructions.

Dr. Al-Hashel noted that the workshop develops participants’ skills to enable them to conclude cases raised to the directorate with satisfactory swiftness and accuracy. He also pointed out that sessions were held, which addressed the supervisory role of CBK over banks, financing companies, and exchange companies. Among the latest CBK instructions reviewed during the workshop were those relating to consumer and housing loans and financing, where actual examples and applications were provided that demonstrate how interest on loans is calculated, along with sample contracts used for such lending. The discussions also touched upon banks’ fees and charges and related CBK instructions, as well as CBK’s role in the areas of inspection and of countering money laundering and financing of terrorism.

His Excellency concluded by stressing that CBK is committed to organizing workshops and activities for national capacity building in financial and economic domains, which falls within its comprehensive view of its responsibility to bolster financial stability.