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Monthly Monetary Statistics

Monthly statistical data is presented here, which includes CBK assets, liabilities, and a number of Local Banks reports

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  1. Currency in Circulation:
    Currency outside the vaults of the Central Bank of Kuwait, which represents the amount of currency issued by the CBK and held by residents and non- residents.
  2. Monetary Base or Money Supply in its narrow definition (M0):
    Signifies currency in Circulation, demand and time deposits of local banks and other resident financial institutions with the CBK, in addition to CBK Bond holdings of local banks and other entities. Monetary Base means money supply in its narrowest definition (M0).
  3. Money (M1):
    Currency in circulation + sight deposits with local banks (private deposits in KD). Money means money supply in its narrow definition (M1).
  4. Quasi-money:
    Balances of Savings deposits (in KD) + time deposits (in KD) + foreign currency deposits + CDs (in KD). The private sector maintains quasi-money components with local banks.
  5. Certificates of Deposit:
    Negotiable financial papers denominated in Kuwaiti dinars. The term quasi-money also includes that portion of CDs issued by Kuwaiti local banks and held by other parties (i.e. excluding the portion held by these banks themselves).
  6. Money Supply in its broad definition (M2):
    Money (M1) + quasi-money.
  7. Money Supply in its broader definition (M3):
    Includes money supply in its broad definition (M2), plus private sector deposits with deposit-accepting finance/investment companies.
  8. Claims on the Private Sector:
    Credit facilities extended by local banks to the private sector + domestic investments by local banks + CDs issued by other non-bank private sector units and held by local banks.
  9. Credit Facilities:
    Discounts and advances provided by local banks to residents, either in the form of overdrafts, or loans for specific purposes and fixed terms, whether given in both local or foreign currencies to persons, financial or non-financial companies and institutions (other than banks).
  10. Private Sector:
    It means individuals, institutions and companies belonging to private, joint or public sectors, including public institutions with independent budgets (excluding Kuwait Credit Bank).
  11. Government:
    Ministries, governmental departments, and public institutions with attached budgets and Kuwait Credit Bank.
  12. Local Banks:
    Include all Kuwaiti banks, foreign banks’ branches licensed to operate in the State of Kuwait.
  13. Other Deposit Liabilities with Local Banks:
    Such as matured time deposits not covered by instructions for renewal from customer, deposits belonging to customers at branches and resulting from the payment of salaries by the government and institutions through the main office, funds due to commission agents concerning letters of credit, salaries or funds transferred to certain customers who have no sight deposit accounts, or who have accounts but no mention is made of the number, and suspense accounts (for example, the address of the customers is unknown), as well as other liabilities.
  14. Exchange Companies:
    Exchange Companies encompass those companies subject to CBK’s supervision and licensed to exercise banking activities (such as purchasing and selling currencies, travelers cheques and drafts, trading in precious metals, and collecting cheques and drafts drawn on foreign entities). These companies do not include individually-owned exchange institutions which are not subject to CBK’s supervision.
  15. Investment/Finance Companies:
    Include conventional and Islamic investment/finance companies registered with the CBK. In accordance with Law No. 7/2010 concerning the establishment of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and the Regulation of the Activity of Securities, and Ministerial Decision No. 38/2011 regarding the organization of CBK’s supervision on finance companies, the supervision on investment companies has transferred from the CBK to CMA as of 13 September 2011. Therefore, CBK’s role toward these companies is now confined to the supervision of their practiced financial activity.
  16. Credit Cards, Issued by Local Banks:
    Credit Cards are plastic cards which provide customers with credit up to certain limits, and may allow him payment by installment of the amount debited using the card.
  17. Debit Cards, Issued by Local Banks:
    Debit Cards are plastic cards which directly debit the customer’s account. Their limits are the available balance in the customer’s account, and they are linked to the customer’s account at the issuing bank.
  18. Valid Cards:
    Represent credit/debit cards valid as at the end of the period, and is calculated as the total number of these cards valid at the start of the period, PLUS their total number issued for the first time during the period, MINUS the total number of these cards which were cancelled and not renewed  during that period.
  19. Point-of-Sale Machines:
    Machines which local banks (conventional, Islamic, and foreign bank branches) provide to the traders among their customers, for processing the credit/debit card payment transactions of these traders’ customers.
  20. ATMs:
    Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are operated or loaded by local banks (conventional, Islamic, and foreign banks’ branches), whether owned by these banks or by the K-Net Company, and are used to process cash withdrawal operations carried out through plastic cards, as well as other banking transactions.

Symbols and Notes

... Not Available   * Provisional, or estimated figures
. Not Applicable   x Revised figures
- Magnitude zero or insignificant   n New tables
1 Significant breaks in the homogeneity of a series are indicated by a horizontal or vertical line across the series.   2 The slight discrepancies in totals or percentages are due to rounding.


  • Tables in this bulletin encompass the available data about conventional and Islamic local banks, investment companies and finance companies registered with the CBK, and exchange companies. For further information, please refer to the CBK’s website:
  • Deposits of Kuwait Credit Bank (formerly Savings and Credit Bank) were reclassified under Government deposits.

Data for March 2016

Table 02: Money Supply XMLExcel

(Million Dinars)

End of Month Currency in Circulation Sight Deposits in KD Money (M1) Quasi-Money Money Supply (M2) Deposits with other Financial Institutions * Money Supply (M3)
(1) (2) (3)=(1)+(2) (4) (5)=(3)+(4) (6) (7)=(5)+(6)
2011 1,134.3 5,135.2 6,269.5 20,561.9 26,831.4 25.3 26,856.7
2012 1,203.6 5,557.3 6,760.9 21,827.4 28,588.3 21.1 28,609.4
2013 1,392.4 6,514.4 7,906.8 23,159.6 31,066.4 24.5 31,090.9
2014 1,488.9 7,977.2 9,466.2 24,321.3 33,787.4 34.9 33,822.3
Mar 1,458.6 8,139.2 9,597.8 25,404.7 35,002.5 21.1 35,023.5
Apr 1,493.9 7,911.7 9,405.6 25,979.4 35,385.1 59.5 35,444.6
May 1,516.8 8,176.5 9,693.3 26,003.9 35,697.2 74.0 35,771.2
Jun 1,551.4 8,342.2 9,893.6 25,824.3 35,717.9 73.8 35,791.7
Jul 1,512.9 8,003.8 9,516.8 25,709.6 35,226.3 74.1 35,300.4
Aug 1,369.0 7,737.3 9,106.3 25,232.7 34,339.0 75.7 34,414.7
Sep 1,461.4 7,957.4 9,418.8 25,347.8 34,766.6 55.4 34,822.0
Oct 1,397.1 7,634.5 9,031.6 24,894.7 33,926.4 55.5 33,981.9
Nov 1,412.6 7,620.1 9,032.6 24,481.8 33,514.4 22.2 33,536.6
Dec 1,496.5 7,896.0 9,392.4 25,148.1 34,540.6 35.5 34,576.1
Jan 1,432.7 7,854.2 9,286.9 25,043.0 34,329.9 23.9 34,353.9
Feb 1,447.2 7,887.0 9,334.3 25,744.1 35,078.4 12.0 35,090.4
Mar 1,481.7 8,177.1 9,658.8 26,772.8 36,431.7 50.4 36,482.0
End of Month Currency in Circulation Sight Deposits in KD Money (M1) Quasi-Money Money Supply (M2) Deposits with other Financial Institutions * Money Supply (M3)
(1) (2) (3)=(1)+(2) (4) (5)=(3)+(4) (6) (7)=(5)+(6)

Private sector deposits with deposit-taking investment companies.

Data as of :08-06-2016

All data is the property of Central Bank of Kuwait.