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20.02.21Press Release

"Diraya" Campaign Releases Video on Types of Bank Cards

To enhance financial awareness across all segments of society and as part of the banking sector's social responsibility, the Central Bank of Kuwait-supervised “Be Aware” Campaign (Diraya in Arabic) introduced a video detailing the different types of bank cards.

The video addresses the different types of bank cards and the advantages and facilities that come with each, for example, ATM, pre-paid, and credit cards that can be used to purchase goods and services via the internet and points of sale and to withdraw cash via ATMs in Kuwait and abroad. The video goes further, offering advice on how to avoid bank card scams, as well as important tips on using the cards abroad, withdrawal transactions fees, safe and secure use of the cards, and avoiding suspicious transactions. The video also addressed the key advantages provided by credit cards, whether the customer opts to use them in Kuwait or abroad.

In a statement, the CBK stressed the importance of public campaigns to raise awareness of customers’ rights, which the Bank aims to protect through its instructions to the banking sector and the measures and precautions it urges. Such campaigns are also important to support customers with the boom in electronic payment means and channels.

"Diraya" is a year-long financial awareness campaign launched on 26 January 2021. The CBK-supervised campaign is managed by the Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) with the participation of all Kuwaiti banks. The overall objective is to increase public awareness of the banking sector's role and how customers can use banks’ diverse services most advantageously.

More information on the “Diraya” campaign and its objectives, as well as campaign content, is available through its official website:

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