Financial Stability Report

CBK’s Financial Stability Report (FSR) is published annually. The FSR analytically examines key developments in all three areas of the financial system; institutions, markets and infrastructure, with an aim to identify the risks to the stability of the financial system. Given the bank-centric nature of Kuwait’s financial system, FSR covers in significant detail the performance of the banking system, assessing their role as financial intermediaries, their management of various risks and their ability to withstand major shocks.

The report also evaluates the functioning of key domestic markets, including the money market, the foreign exchange market, the Kuwait Stock Exchange and the real estate market, as well as their implications for the banking system. Finally, the FSR also highlights the trends in the payment and settlement system. Topical issues of significance are also covered in various boxes at the end of relevant chapters. A copy of the report can be obtained free of charge by writing to the Communications & Public Relations Department (

CBK Financial Stability Reports are available in Adobe Acrobat files.