Consumers' Appeals (Individuals or Corporates)


  1. The Appeal Form shall be used by customers (individuals) where they fail to reach a settlement with CBK regulated entity (investment companies, finance companies) concerning complaints they already filed with them.
  2. Appeals shall only be looked into after the customer approaches the concerned entity with the complaint and receives its written response, and a copy of the response shall be attached and grounds for going further and filing a petition shall be made clear, also attaching all necessary documents.
  3. Appeals would be disregarded and non CBK opinions on the matter shall be given regarding appeal in the following cases:
    • If the subject matter is currently being reviewed by a court of law or has been put before the Public Prosecution.
    • If the appeals are filed against entities that are not CBK-regulated.
    • If the appeals are filed against investment funds.
    • If the petition subject matter is vague or found to be false accusations.
    • If the appeals have been filed before by the same party.
  4. Complaints, where the name and signature of the complainant or his/her attorney do not appear thereon shall not be considered. If any attorney is authorized, an official power of attorney should be submitted along with copies of the complainant’s and attorney’s IDs and phone numbers. In addition, all supporting documents should be submitted.
  5. The appealer shall be contacted to be informed of the action taken on his/her appeal; he/she will not need to visit CBK for a follow-up.

Note: No complaint/appeal is received via email; all complaints/appeals must be filed in person at the Reception of CBK Headquarters, provided that the complainant have fulfilled all the requirements stated under the guidelines relating to customers’ complaints/appeals.

Consumers' Appeal Form