National Summary Data Page (NSDP) - Kuwait

Data linked from this page correspond to data described in the International Monetary Fund’s DSBB. For a fuller explanation of the DSBB and the enhanced General Data Dissemination System in which State of Kuwait participates, please visit the DSBB home page.

Macroeconomic and Financial Data

National Accounts (GDP)
General Government Operations
Central Government Operations
Central Government Gross Debt
Depository Corporations Survey
Central Bank Survey: Central Bank Assets
Central Bank Survey: Central Bank Liabilities
Interest Rates: Customer Time Deposits with Local Banks
Interest Rates: Inter Local Bank Interest Rates
Official Reserve Assets
International Investment Position

Supplementary Series

Production Index
Labor Market - Employment
Labor Market - Unemployment
Labor Market - Wages/earnings
Financial Soundness Indicators (Part 1)
Financial Soundness Indicators (Part 2)

Demographic Indicators

Social Demographic Indicators

Additional Data

Financial Access Survey
Direction of Trade Statistics

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