CBK Instructions for Conventional Banks


Chapter One: Bylaw of Banks Register System

First: The Law:
Summary of the Provisions of Chapter Three of the Law No. 32 of 1968 concerning Currency, the Central Bank of Kuwait and the Organisation of Banking Business, and other Ministerial Resolutions and Related Provisions.

  1. Center of Risks System and Regulations for Implementation thereof
  2. Rules of Liquidity System and the Regulations Issued for Liquidity Position in the Banking System
  3. Rules and Procedures for Opening Banks' Branches
  4. The Maximum Limits for Credit Concentration
  5. Basis of Preparing the Closing Financial Statements and Policy of Credit Facilities Classification
  6. Resolutions Issued in Respect of Interest Rate Ceilings
  7. Discount and Rediscount System of Commercial Papers
  8. Instructions Regarding Banks' Purchase of Their Own Shares
  9. Rules And Regulations Concerning Local Banks' Extension of KD Credit Facilities to Non-Resident Customers
  10. Instructions Issued in Connection with the Rationalization and Organization of Banks Credit Policy
    -More instructions available under “CBK Instructions for Credit Information Companies”.
  11. Capital Adequacy
  12. Rules And Regulations For The Experience Required For Members Of The Board Of Directors and The Executive Staff, as Per Article (68) Of Law No.(32) Of The Year 1968
    a. Nomination Form for the Position of an Independent Board Member
    b. Nomination Form for the Position of Chief Executive Officer or His Deputy or Assistant
  13. Instructions Concerning Rules and Regulations for Banks' Extension of Consumer Loans & Other Installment Loans
  14. -More instructions available under “CBK Instructions for Credit Information Companies”.
  15. Instructions Issued with Respect to the Regulation of Local Banks' Investment Policy
  16. Standards and Controls Regulating the Relation of Banks to Their Customers with Regard to the Extension of Banking Services
  17. Instructions Issued by Central Bank of Kuwait Regarding Money Laundering
  18. Executive Procedures of the Provisions of Item (2) of Article (57) Concerning the Excess of Acquisition Per a Single Person Over 5% of the Bank's Capital
  19. Instructions Concerning Financial Data Prepared to Stock Exchanges Purposes Where a Bank's Shares are Listed
  20. Instructions Concerning Buying and Selling GCC Currency Notes
  21. Central Registration system for Customers Whose Accounts at Local Banks were Closed
  22. Instructions Concerning the Determination of Collaterals Acceptable to the Central Bank Against its Loans to Banks
  23. Instructions Concerning the Ratio of National Manpower in Local Banks
  24. Instructions Regarding Banks to Maintain the Confidentiality of Information and Data Concerning their Customers
  25. Instructions Allowing Banks to Continue Holding the Premises Constructed as Their Head Offices, until Disposal Thereof
  26. Instructions Concerning Banks Dealing in Foreign Exchange Transactions
  27. Instructions Concerning External Auditors
  28. Instructions to Banks on the Necessity of Notifying the Central Bank of Kuwait before Proceeding with any Communication with Regulatory Financial or Banking Authorities in other Countries
  29. Instructions to Banks Concerning Internal Control Systems
  30. Instructions to Banks Concerning Monitoring the Size of their Financial Transactions with Banks and Financial Institutions Facing Severe Financial Crisis
  31. Instructions Concerning Credit Facilities Extended to Board of Directors
  32. Instructions Prohibiting Banks From Concluding Agreements Amongst them that may Prejudice the Principle of Competition
  33. Instructions Concerning Banks' Budgets and Future Business Plans
  34. Instructions to Notify the Central Bank of any Embezzlement of Banks' Funds
  35. Instructions Concerning Credit Cards Issued by Local Banks
  36. Organization of Portfolio Management
  1. The Law on Financial Stability and Enhancement of Banks Conditions
  2. Instructions for Regulation of the Electronic Payment of Funds
    - More instructions available under “Regulatory Instructions for EPIPs and EPAs”.
  1. Sustainable Development and Sustainable Finance