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06.02.22Press Release

Harvard Business School Presents a Virtual Program for Developing Banking and Financial Executives in Collaboration with Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies

Dr. Mohammad Yousef Al-Hashel, the Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Banking Studies (IBS), announced that IBS shall collaborate with Harvard Business School (HBS) to provide a virtual executive education program, designed specifically to support the development of senior leaders in the banking and finance sector in the GCC countries given the rapidly changing conditions. Dr. Al-Hashel pointed out that the program shall provide virtual training classes - as part of the innovative new professional training methods - through Harvard Business School’s training platform "Zoom".

He added that the 2022 program titled "Leading in a World Transformed" consists of two integrated themes, namely "Financial Markets Strategy" and "Leadership". The program shall focus on the crucial role of leadership and management in formulating and implementing financial, technical and leadership strategies that address the emerging challenges, along with the various management and leadership skills and techniques required for the digital transformation in the financial sector to keep pace with the rapid developments in this field. HBS shall discuss real case studies related to the financial and banking sectors in addition to other sectors which will enhance the analytical skills of the executives and provide them with the tools, techniques, frameworks and ideas to promote performance, innovation, and the organizational culture. Moreover, the program shall consist of a number of live interactive virtual group activities via Harvard platform throughout the period of the training.

The Governor mentioned that this program that started in 2009 and held in Kuwait has been the subject of collaboration with Harvard Business School, and continues to be held on an annual basis, alternately in one of the GCC countries. It is also a part of Kafa’a initiative launched by the CBK in September 2019, and targets executives such as department heads and their counterparts, and shall run over two weeks, from13 - 24 March 2022. Upon completion, participants shall receive attendance certificates from the Harvard Business School.

Dr. Al-Hashel concluded his statement by stressing that developing talented and qualified nationals in the Central Bank of Kuwait shall remain a top strategic priority, especially in the current circumstances, due to its contribution to the continuous development of the financial and banking sectors in the GCC countries. He elaborated that the Kafa’a Initiative is the platform for launching all the programs and projects intended at developing these nationals. The Governor stressed the importance of collaboration between the Kuwaiti and GCC banks and institutions in areas of common interest such as creating new initiatives to improve training and sharing experiences. He expressed his gratitude to members of the Kuwaiti and GCC banking communities for their participation in this strategic program.

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