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03.10.22Press Release

CBK Develops Monthly Monetary Statistical Bulletin

His Excellency, the Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK), Basel A. Al-Haroon, stated that the CBK has developed the tables of the Monthly Monetary Statistical Bulletin effective from August 2022, as part of the CBK’s efforts to review and update the data and statistics published in its statistical bulletins, and achieve further progress in statistics work by developing its databases and providing all-inclusive data in terms of coverage, periodicity, recency and quality in line with the best international practices.

The Governor added that such efforts extend to the statistical databases of the local banking and financial sector in particular, and monetary aggregates indicators in general, to enhance disclosure and transparency by widening the scope of published data and information, and providing easier access to researchers and those interested in Kuwait’s economic affairs in general, and the banking and financial business in particular.

The development of the monetary statistical bulletin included creating new tables and evolving the content of existing ones. These updates covered tables of monetary aggregates related to the monetary position of the CBK, local banks and the money supply, tables related to local banks, including local banks’ assets and liabilities, contra accounts, local banks’ foreign assets and liabilities, credit facilities, and residents’ deposits. It is worth noting that all the changes and amendments made to the tables on local banks are mentioned in the marginal notes of each table. In addition, some definitions have been updated taking into consideration the latest monetary, banking, financial and economic concepts and terminology recognized within the guides published by international institutions and organizations, particularly the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Quality of the published data and statistics is also considered.

The CBK anticipates that development of the Monthly Monetary Statistical Bulletin would bring its intended benefits, and that our efforts exerted for its preparation reflect the CBK’s keenness to develop its databases and statistics in a manner that serves those interested in follow-up to the banking and financial business in the country. The updated August 2022 Bulletin is now published on the CBK website ( ).

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