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16.05.23 Press Statement

CBK Issues New Instructions Regulating the Electronic Payments of Funds

In line with the Central Bank of Kuwait’s (CBK) strategy to maintain a strong advanced financial system and encourage emerging technologies in the field of electronic payment; and with the mandate granted by the Law No. 20 of 2014 on electronic transactions, which gave CBK the authority of oversight and regulation of the electronic payments of funds, and to issue binding instructions in this regard.


15.05.23 Press Release

The Central Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority Sign MoU

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) announced in a press release the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on May 15, 2023, regarding the coordination mechanisms between both sides.


11.05.23 Press Release

Key Developments in the Balance of Payments of the State of Kuwait for the Year 2022

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) published today the preliminary data of the State of Kuwait’s Balance of Payments (BOP) for 2022, and the revised data of 2021. The preliminary data of the Balance of Payments revealed a surplus during 2022 of KD 19,329.3 million in the Current Account (that sums up receipts and payments on transactions between the domestic economy and other economies in terms of goods, services and income) against a surplus of KD 10,537.0 million during the previous year, i.e. a rise by KD 8,792.3 million or 83.4%. This upturn is mainly attributable to the noticeable improvement in the Balance on Goods, as the preliminary data indicated a rise in the surplus of the Balance on Goods by KD 9,805.7 million or 80.2% to reach KD 22,034.2 million during 2022, against KD 12,228.5 million during the previous year. This increase is driven mainly by the rise in the merchandise exports by KD 10,085.7 million or 48.9% compared with the previous year, as a result of the improvement in the performance of the global economy for the second consecutive year, after Covid-19 pandemic.


30.04.23 Press Statement

The "Kafa'a" Initiative Contributes to Providing the Banking Sector with Competencies and Bridging the Expertise Gap

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) indicated that the "Kafa'a" initiative contributes to providing the banking sector with competencies and bridging the expertise gap.


16.04.23 Press Statement

Extending the Working Hours of the Real Time Gross Settlement System between Participants, and the Kuwait Electronic Cheques Clearing System

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) announces the extension of working hours of the Real Time Gross Settlement System (KASSIP) between participants, and the Kuwait Electronic Cheques Clearing System (KECCS).


20.03.23 Press Release

CBK Organizes (AML/CFT) Workshops

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) is organizing two workshops for local banks and exchange companies on topics of Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT) measures, international recommendations in this regard, and recent amendments to CBK instructions to local banks and exchange companies in this area. The workshops are organized within the effort to enhance the Bank’s supervisory role and encourage staff capacity building within the banking and finance sector it regulates.


12.03.23 Press Statement

"Diraya" Campaign Continuous Success in Promoting Financial Literacy and Spreading Banking and Financial Awareness

CBK continues its vital role in the banking awareness campaign “Let’s Be Aware” launched in cooperation with the Kuwait Banking Association (KBA), Kuwaiti banks and numerous public and private entities to spread financial and banking awareness and protect customers' rights in light of the development of banking services and associated risks, most notably electronic fraud and its various techniques.


12.03.23 Press Statement

CBK Affirms the Stability and Solidity of the Kuwaiti Banking System Units

Amid news of the United States regulators’ shutting down of Silicon Valley Bank, the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) assures “Kuwaiti banks’ exposure to said bank is extremely insignificant, as asserted through the CBK’s direct communication with local banks” the CBK Governor, Basel Al-Haroon stated. Furthermore, the banking system units’ position is both stable and resilient, supported by ample capital buffers.


08.03.23 Press Statement

CBK Affirms Women Empowerment in the Banking Sector

On the occasion of International Women’s Day celebrated annually on 08 March, and as part of the efforts to empower women and enable them to carry out their vital role in development, the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) affirmed its commitment to empowering women at all levels in line with the “New Kuwait 2035” Vision and the fifth goal of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically gender equality and women empowerment.


20.02.23 Press Release

CBK Hosts a Workshop on the Supervision and Regulation of FinTech Provided by IMF’s Middle East Center for Economics and Finance (CEF)

Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) hosts a workshop on the supervision and regulation of FinTech provided by International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Middle East Center for Economics and Finance (CEF).