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09.11.23Press Statement

CBK Governor Honors the Winners of "2022 Kuwaiti Economic Student Award" and Announces the Launch of "2023 Kuwaiti Economic Student Award"

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) held a ceremony to honor the winners of the “Kuwaiti Economic Student Award”. The CBK Governor and Chairman of the Institute of Banking Studies (IBS), Basel Ahmed Al-Haroon, and a host of elite banking sector figures attended the event on Thursday, November 9, 2023, at CBK Headquarters.

In the opening speech, the Governor underscored CBK’s keenness to encourage and support national cadres in various fields as part of a continuous and consistent approach to launch such national initiatives, mentioning that the Kafa’a initiative launched by CBK in collaboration with Kuwaiti banks is one of these efforts. He noted that the “Kuwaiti Economic Student Award”, which is part of the Kafa’a initiative, is a manifestation of this support as it encourages scientific research in the economic and banking fields through motivating young national cadres to enhance their research competence according to high scientific standards in banking and finance areas. In addition, the Governor stressed on CBK endeavors to entrench scientific methodology for addressing banking and financial issues and develop specialized and highly qualified national cadres in all aspects of the Kuwaiti banking and financial sector. Al-Haroon stressed the need to develop and support this award so that the researchers will have more presence and impact through their research in the development of the banking and financial sectors. He praised the outstanding level of advanced scientific research submitted for this award.